1. Beauty Spot

    I love all of these smoothies and I used to do a lot of fruits initially
    but lately I have been incorporating more greens! I have my own version of
    a green beauty smoothie, come by and check out my tutorial if you like.

  2. Desiree P

    I feel like I commented on this a couple of times but I was scrolling to
    see and didn’t find it. =( I liked and favorited the video weeks ago
    though. =(

  3. AliceAllurcore

    Ahhhh! Hope I’m not too late, single mother needs to lose around 70lbs and
    soda is her sin, I can not live on just water so this would be perfect!
    Thanks for the chance!!!!

  4. Cada_Dia Yrahlin

    I meant a present for mom’s birthday but have you tried using Chia or flax
    seeds in your smoothie they’re really good for fiber

  5. HeyShae

    Our smoothie recipes are kind of similar! I love pineapple and mango in my
    green smoothies, I actually just posted a video of a green smoothie recipe
    Im obsessed with :D

  6. MsHoneyBee2013

    As a video request..I really enjoy your diy vids and your healthy
    lifestyle/natural vids on your channel..its what made me subscribe.. just
    an idea but I would love to see more healthy recipes or smoothie ideas from
    you :)

  7. Tamara Almond

    I would so love To get this. I looked at the price for Vitamix and blend
    tech it said oh my I never be able to afford that.

  8. Paula Zavala

    I have a Ninja… & it’s okay at best. I just bought the Hamilton Beach
    Smoothie Blender… The worst!!! I took it back to Target. I make smoothies
    every morning for breakfast. So thanks for your recipe. Gonna try the tea.
    Thanks for the giveaway… Super nice! 

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