1. John Hale

    I was ‘THAT GUY’, always stuffed up, nasal voice sneezing and coughing and
    I accepted the challenge to change what I was eating. I started drinking
    GREEN SMOOTHIES and I noticed I didn’t have indigestion, the headaches and
    body aches went away and my sinus cleared.
    A marvelous thing happened: The BRAIN FOG LIFTED I could think, I was more
    creative and the best thing I started teaching others about delicious foods
    and fruity GREEN SMOOTHIES. Years ago GREEN SMOOTHIE GIRL came to town and
    I said I want to be like her. Now in 2014 she has introduced us to this
    marvelous program based on her lessons learned and wonderful products. Now
    we can have success as we share. THANK YOU GREEN SMOOTHIES GIRL!

  2. Green Smoothie Girl video

    I look forward to talking to you about health habits. Please check out this
    video below.
    To your health,
    Janelle Koziara

  3. Laura Moore

    Our family has been following Robyn since 2008. I devoured her 12-Steps to
    Whole Foods Program and began implementing many of her recommendations;
    namely "The Green Smoothie". I have shared her Green Smoothie Girl blog
    with many people along the way. It was only fitting when the GSGLife
    Instructor opportunity presented itself that I jumped on-board right away!
    GSGLife is providing a great forum for me to share my story and encourage
    others to achieve optimal health through a whole-foods lifestyle. I would
    love to share what I have learned over the years to help you and your
    family and friends to obtain a healthy, vibrant life.

  4. Kristen Taylor

    13 years ago, I was introduced to green smoothies. I have been on the
    journey and have had fun learning and doing what I have read. Now because I
    have become and Instructor with the green smoothie girl opportunity. I have
    a vehicle that allows me to reach out and teach something I love to others.
    1 amazing smoothie at a time. Thanks Robin!

  5. Kari Powell

    My life has been completely changed by green smoothies and the knowledge I
    have gained in the last 8 years of learning from Robyn Openshaw. Exactly
    one year ago last month, after having gone through a difficult pregnancy
    and gaining a lot of weight, I got back on track. I’ve consistently drank
    my green smoothies and eat a mostly plant based diet. In exactly a year, I
    have lost 60lbs!!! I didn’t diet, count calories, deprive myself, or pop
    pills. I ate real food, just like Robyn teaches in this video. Now, as a
    GSGLife Instructor, I am privileged to share my story and teach other
    people how I went from overweight, miserable, depressed, hormonally
    imbalance, and more to losing 60lbs, healthy, happy and living a vibrant
    life! This is the real thing!

  6. Navona Cummings

    Navona I can tell you, your family and friends how this can help you to
    feel the best you ever have.
    I have lost 20 lbs, I have more energy and I am sleeping very well. These
    Products are AMAZING! Contact me today! Please Share with anyone you know
    that wants to feel physically better. Message me if you want to know more.

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