1. Jeanica2Natural

    After my myomectomy surgery I started having thyroids issues (not anymore
    thank God). But this is very VERY interesting. I stopped juicing all
    togheter and I cook my spinach, I don’t take coconut oil because my body
    can’t take it (I overdosed on it and even my natural hair don’t like it).
    But I cook a lot with grapeseed oil and it helps a lot. with the natural
    vitamins I just started taking I am for the first time since my surgery THE
    BEST PERIOD!! Thank you for your explanation it was really informative!!!!!

  2. Mrs. SharahYah

    I use Himalaya salt. Primordial Himalayan sea salt… it’s a pink salt and
    then you can use black salt… its very great also. 

  3. vanillahugz

    You should follow dr furhman and he uses alot of green veggies cruciferous
    ect. Yes soup is a great way to get veggeies but i think there is more to
    the iodine than greens. Kelp is a good source of iodine.

  4. genapruitt

    Thanks SO much!! This was very informative…and FUN!! I noticed pain and
    swelling in my neck when I would have green juices/smoothies and looked up
    information on thyroid issues and vegetables. I had never even heard of the
    connection before. This is the best, clearest and most entertaining
    information about it that I found online so far. I have absolutely
    subscribed to your channel. Thanks again, and all the best to you! 🙂

  5. sdushdiu

    Simply rotate the green vegetables and avoid eating exorbitant amounts of
    any one type (especially cruciferous) for extended periods. And take a
    simple multivitamin. But the topics sure have the potential to stomp on the
    proverbial ant hill, doesn’t it.

  6. For Us Naturals (F.U.N.)

    So why were they mentioning it? Were they saying something against veggies
    or just to cook them or limit them etc? Hope you find the rest of my vids
    interesting. I make a lot of womans health vids but others are unisex.

  7. For Us Naturals (F.U.N.)

    These things are definitely what I am into. Trying to find a way to save my
    uterus so I can have a baby at some point.

  8. Trini Lisa

    Please do more videos like these….very informative. I have those type of
    boobs and I’m so tired of the doctors always wanting to poke my breast.

  9. For Us Naturals (F.U.N.)

    My cousin/sister just had her thyroid removed for graves disease. I begged
    her not to without trying some natural stuff first. She didn’t want to
    upset the doctor. Please the doctors are completely upset with me and I
    don’t care. I want to try all avenues before removing any body parts and
    being on pills for life. At least you are knowledgeable about it.

  10. peepla7

    Exactly. If you ever had a goiter…cancerous…you can never eat those
    foods again. Goitergenic foods. Make the goiters grow back…becuz the body
    can’t process…it gets stored in a goiter….vicious cycle.

  11. peepla7

    That’s actually incorrect…the thyroid needs iodine when in proper
    balance. If there is a problem on the hyper side…more is needed cuz body
    is depleting it faster than it should. On the hypo side…not allowed to
    have iodine cuz body can’t process it. If thyroid has been removed…there
    are certain green veggies that must be avoided…like spinach, brocolli,
    kelp, etc…cuz that’s too much iodine….the body will treat it as poison.
    I was hyper, now hypo with half a thyroid that is hypo.

  12. For Us Naturals (F.U.N.)

    I’ve already heard of it and theres a website called 20 bananas or
    something. I’m just not gonna play around with sugar like that. Diabetes
    runs in my family and I can’t take cues from the very young who have no
    issues because they are too young to have developed them yet. I just like
    to eat real food. Veggies and fruit included but definitely not
    exclusively. I only wish to disregard grain because I don’t think its good
    for people. I haven’t been successful because my bf keeps bringing it home

  13. Mr1983brandon

    been eating just fruits, beans, nuts, and seeds for a year now and feel
    great. i dont believe we’re sppose to eat the plants themselves which we
    call veggies, but the fruits they bear. notice when u eat a raw leave it
    doesnt taste pleasant, thats just nature telling u its not food for u,
    plants like poison ivy make poison to keep u away. u can get plenty of geen
    chlorophyl from fruits. people tend to get fruits & veggies confused,
    cucumber & tomato are fruits. we have sweet & non sweet fruits.

  14. For Us Naturals (F.U.N.)

    Lol. I tried to have fun sharing the message. I know people are gonna come
    and start dissing me so I didn’t want it to be too heavy. I’ll let you
    claim the thyroid as your organ then. Haha.

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