1. Green Smoothie Habit

    I get it – to this day I don’t like mustard greens in smoothies… but
    that’s okay as there are endless combos of greens and fruits I do like and
    there is for you, too.

  2. BlackBerryDiamond1

    I love ur channel but must admit I did this smoothie this morning and
    didn’t really enjoy it, but that’s okay. I just love trying diff
    recipes..:-). Keep em coming.

  3. DimplesDeep1

    I have yet to see you try a smoothie u don’t like. For once I’d love to see
    you just spit it right out and say "yuck!" lol…..jk

  4. itzclo

    i actually have a nutribullet ( that’s what started me on the green
    smoothie kick) and it works just fine for making smoothies. I am however
    saving up to get a blendtec. But either way as Jane mention as long a
    you’ve got a blender you’re good to go

  5. Green Smoothie Habit

    I don’t see why not – you may not get silky smooth blends, but you have to
    start somewhere. I began with a regular blender and have used the magic
    bullet in a pinch, too.

  6. Green Smoothie Habit

    Hi Carol, Thanks – and I am glad you are back making videos, looking
    forward to them. Subscribe to Carol, everybody.

  7. tigergreg8

    That’s a new one to me., green tomato smoothie. I’m so ready just to have a
    nice fresh tomato. Spring is taking forever to come to the NorthEast of the

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