1. Lisa Arace

    Great video!! I love making smoothies for breakfast. Do you use the
    smoothies as a meal replacement and does it help with weight management?

  2. Maria Morales

    Hi! i just started taking the chia with my smoothies in the morning. It has
    keep me fuller thru the day. My question is, have you seen a difference in
    your weight since you started taking the chia seeds? thanks!

  3. Lazina Holiday

    hey I find the chia seeds give a better affect if made into a gel form and
    incorporated in the smoothie. Also if u use a coffee grinder to grind the
    flax it becomes easier for ur blender and digestive

  4. Catherine Stewart-Mott

    I was helping out at a ‘Trashapolooza’ event recently (where people
    take/grab things they no longer want from their homes). I came across an
    older style blender which I dragged home. Then a conversation started
    relative to smoothies a day later, and before I knew it, I was hooked. I
    love my ‘retro but new looking’ blender and the smoothies it creates. I
    just made this one you described and it was awesome. :)

  5. Lucien Gagnon

    I didn’t see if your flax seed was grounded if not you should grind them in
    a coffee grinder before you put them in …. because I don’t think that
    blender will grind them and if they are not grinded the body cannot absorb
    the wonderful nutrient thank you for your video .

  6. dw04

    Hi..I just started making green smoothies and I didn’t knw you could
    compact. Your blender like that I use chia and flex seeds myself now…but
    I will b trying this way to get more cups and more in blender thanks

  7. whatinspiresu

    its so great when you say green smoothie and everyone says YAAAAY!!!! cool
    that the blender worked on those flax seeds. I thought only a coffee
    grinder could gring them… Im gonna try this now! thanks so much!

  8. Ron Dombcik

    Well, I am very new at this sort of thing, so please bear with me. I have
    only made 3 smoothies and did yours tonight. I cut the recipe in 1/2 and
    the flavor was good but seems there were little pieces of the apple skin
    that did not mix totally in. I am using a mixer that my daughter gave me to
    use, a magic bullet. Perhaps the apple should have the skin removed. I did
    use water but prefer almond milk which I will us next time.

  9. 831 cali

    Great Video !!! Keep Making More !! I Also Showed My Mom !!! And She Said
    Give Her A Like ! I Like Her ! She Took Her Time ! Keep Doing What You Are
    Doing… Have a Great New Year 2014…

  10. angelabluesky

    Hi I have never tried flax seed, I’ve just bought a blender,want to get on
    the track of healthy smoothie. How you feeling with the benefit of weight
    loss of flax seed so far?

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