1. Lily Ram

    Hi benji, can create healthy yet hearty dishes for us who are on diet ? You
    have a huge experience in dieting and staying fit,please we need help and
    in preparing yummy healthy recipes

  2. craxyo

    i didn’t realize how expensive your blender was until i watched this today
    omg :O
    I am probably going to buy the Oster blender you linked in your info box. 

  3. claudia burns

    Thank you for this recipe, I’ll be making this every day! Would love some
    more juice/smoothie recipes, I love them! X

  4. lovelyarely11

    I would love for you to make a video about pancakes from scratch if thats
    not too much to ask for I’m trying to learn how to make some hope you do
    thanks by the way love Judy’s videos and the blogs love you guys.❤❤❤

  5. TheUglyDuckie

    More smoothie recipes please Benji!! I’d love to see the different
    variations that’s on on your daily Vlogs on ItsJudysLife :)

  6. beautifulbee713

    I just what to say thank you for your videos with Judy and Juliana I love
    them and also I have bought me a blendtec and have been eating healthier
    everything you make in that thing looks so good thanx again :)

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