1. Bing Lim

    You’re such a cutie bear benji. You inspire me to make green smoothie.
    Thanks to u and judy for being so generous and for allowing us to see part
    of ur life. Live u guys! 

  2. Bailey Derby

    okay is anyone else missing the little ‘watch later’ icon that used to be
    at the bottom right corners of thumbnail videos? WTF how am i supposed to
    add videos to my watch later now?! :(

  3. Belinda Phan

    Lemon was too over powering in mine and it wasn’t smooth. I tried
    sweetening it up with apple and banana but still sour 

  4. shortpgirl ch

    If you have an affordable blender try not to add the ingredients all at
    once. I own a $30 oster, it blends extremly well! 

  5. fabulousblueyes

    I’m definitely inspired to make green juice because of you and Judy! Love
    your vlogs and thank you for this video! My blender actually broke, so I
    might buy this one and try this recipe! I’m determined to be more healthy
    even though its hard.

  6. Tina Parks

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! I have not tried this out, but I will
    eventually. I hope to see more smoothie recipes on your channel. I am going
    to make something with avocado and maybe a banana, so I hope this goes
    well, and probably use part of this recipe with it. Haha!

    It would be great to see your take on how to make an avocado smoothie.

  7. jangle318

    What do you suggest for someone who likes sweet green smoothies? I really
    like smoothies that have bananas, strawberries and pineapples in them.
    Thanks for the recipe. Keep them coming!

  8. Loly Contreras

    I drinking my juice right now…and I can really taste the cucumber and the
    lemon. Its good ..make more videos! :)

  9. Orin Richburg

    It isn’t nasty but I cringe when I drink it. It’s not as tasty as I thought
    it would be. But it’s healthy so what the hay. 

  10. Carla L

    Benji, are you able to make this the night before and have it for
    breakfast? With 2 little ones at home I try to avoid making so much noise
    before I go to work, but would love to have this for breakfast. Can you
    give us your thoughts on storing etc? 

  11. kurdishgurl11

    thanks for the amazon link! the reviews on this blender are horrible tho
    (for anyone that was looking for an affordable blender!)
    any suggestions, ?

  12. Grace Pyon

    benji i have the same blender, and you don’t have to set it on high. i set
    mine on low and it works great. you should try it on low next time! ;)

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