1. LadyEnerr

    Is there any smoothie recipes that help you gain weight as well as high in
    I’m looking to gain weight (I’m a girl, who play football- soccer) but also
    build muscle??
    Any suggestions or help would be AMAZING
    ps recently signed up to HASFIT 

  2. clwalias

    This is a great tasting recipe and it doesn’t require a whey protein powder
    supplement. I enjoy the flavor of natural proteins. I also add frozen
    pear for flavor and fiber!

  3. imsocronic76

    i started working out to u in january 2013 i weighed 220 pounds in august
    20 2013 i weighed 170 pounds and today i just got weighed january 5 2014
    weighing in at 150 my goal weight is 130 i have lost a total of 70 pounds
    thank you so much when i reach goal i would love to send before and after

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