1. zheahra

    Yumminess! I’d like to know if I can use an avocado in place is the banana?
    I know I won’t be able to add too much of it because of its fat content.

  2. Stephanie Richard

    Hey ladies, how many times do you drink it? And how long does it last in
    the fridge? Great recipes. Thanks

  3. Charlene Harris

    Brilliant post with so many great reasons to make yourself a green smoothie. I love making green monster smoothies (as some people like to call them) on the weekend. I occasionally do a smoothie detox when I have the time to and find that I feel more energised and less bloated.

    • admin

      Hi Charlene, I think a smoothie detox is a great idea for smoothie novices. The feeling of being cleansed is quite amazing. Thanks for stopping by. Do you have a favourite recipe you’d like to share? Please feel free to add it in the comments.

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