1. monica hein

    i made with Spinach , pineapple , pineapple juice and bananas , god the
    best smoothie i ever try :)

  2. rchiariello

    Seriously, can she get through ONE video without referencing alcohol? It’s
    kind of a problem.

  3. Ojoujae

    I love this video! Everyone needs to eat and what a better way than to eat
    healthy 🙂
    Please share more of your favourite recipes!! Thanks Carly xx

  4. TheLifeOfAAngelMom

    Protein doesn’t give you energy but it’s very important for muscle function
    and creating antibodies to fight off viruses. Glucose gives energy. 

  5. QueenLizzyBee

    I always freeze my fruits & veggies in replacement of ice, water, and/or
    milk its always unsweetened organic apple juice. The Magic Bullet is
    amazing! I call mine the smoothie King. LoL! 

  6. Courtney Pryor

    i was never a smoothie person but i know i dont get nearly as much nutients
    as i need so i may try this. 

  7. Nicole dw

    More videos from you in general I don’t care what it is you’re my favorite
    YouTuber I’ve never watched a video of yours that i did not like but I
    definitely like healthy videos and fashion videos

  8. TheCulinaryTeen

    Some swiss chard is a great lettuce to use. Or cucumber/lemon adds some
    fresh flavor with vitamens.

  9. Midday Spritzer

    I love that song! 🙂 I just did a three day detox annnnnd this would have
    been a perfect snack. Also mmm wine.

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