1. Rachel Montgomery

    Hey Ingrid! My sister and i went to the Doctors’ office a while ago and we
    bothe happen to have a condition. I’m gonna just talk about mine, because
    the stuff we can eat is slightly different. We have a condition called
    Leaky Gut Syndrome. My stomach is seeing certain things as a threat, and
    reactiong to this as though i’m allergic to it. Due to this, i’m on a VERY
    restricted diet. I can’t have anything that comes in a bag (chips, snack
    foods, etc.) And i can’t have bread or dairy or eggs, and i can only have
    certain vegetables and fruits. I also (for some reason unknown to my
    doctor) can’t have honey. Anyway, i was wondering if you could make a video
    on gluten free, dairy free, etc recipes, because i’m sick and tired of my
    diet literally only consisting of hunks of meat and fruit. Thank you so

  2. Glucose Chef

    Being happy is very important and I can sense your happiness! I’m with you
    on enjoying avocado pudding! I previously made three different desserts on
    my channel all in the same video. A avocado parfait, yogurt and chocolate
    pudding. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rembrandt133

    Its refreshing to see a healthy lady who can talk, cook, is pleasant, cute,
    and NOT A VEGAN! :P

  4. Tara T

    for the avocado pudding I do it a little differently but it still tastes
    I use 1 small avocado (to make 1 serving of pudding) + 1.5T of cacao, 2T of
    sugar free maple syrup, chocolate extract/oil thingy I got from iherb, and
    finally some frozen coconut milk (like two ice cubes worth) to give it a
    creamear soft serve type of texture.. ITS AMAZING and i encourage everyone
    to try it 

  5. bbg natalie

    Has someone tried the pudding?? How many calories will it have if use half
    of an avocado(medium size) and then add the rest of ingredients?

  6. stefan0325

    What’s up with this organic disease going around? How can I not find
    healthy recipes from people who are not organic freaks and have an
    imaginary gluten allergy? 

  7. Daniela Villa

    It’s kind of hard for me to see avocado as a dessert, in my Hispanic
    tradition we use avocado for Mexican food, as in with beans & cheese, or
    tacos, etc. So when I see you using it a dessert, it looks odd to me. I’m
    probably going to suck it up & try it. 

  8. Adaleta Avdic

    I’m totally making the pasta salad for dinner and the smoothie for
    breakfast. These are all amazing recipes!!!

  9. 91cricris

    O.O is that healthy? I don´t think so xD the 3rd recipe can contain EVEN
    MORE calories than a normal chocolate ice-cream xD and of course more
    artificial too xD sorry about that

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