1. Shamira Lee

    Dang Benji!! Can’t help but notice how good you’re looking here!! Skin is
    looking good and I’m loving the facial hair!! Judy is one lucky woman!!

  2. morgette85233

    Hey Benji, First I wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to get healthy, I
    have done this recipe twice in my vita-mix and both times it was super
    thick the first time I added extra milk and the 2nd time I added 1 extra
    cup of milk and 1/2 cup of apple/ pomegranate juice. No sure why it is so
    thick! any ideas?

  3. Valerie Angulo

    You should do more smoothie recipes, cause i’m trying to into shape and i
    wanna start making smoothies everyday…(:

  4. Josy Perez

    I love them they are the cutest couple!! Reminds me of my hubby and I.. I
    cant stop watching there videos!! more smoothie recipe please!!!

  5. Maegan D

    Cows milk is absolutely horrible for humans.. Would you drink the milk of a
    cat or dog? No. Its not for our species! Use almond or coconut milk. <3

  6. Allie White

    Seriously you making smoothies all the time makes me want to start eating a
    little healthier and this is a great start. I asked for a blender for
    Christmas so more smoothies recipes please 

  7. itschelseytyler

    Oh no. I was just about to say, I hope nobody uses this as a meal
    replacement and then Benji said "you can use it as a meal replacement."
    Lol. Def not enough protein to keep you satisfied but great as a snack as
    you said Benji. Good video!

  8. NamaBeauty ♡

    Hi Benji! You should do a lot more of these smoothie recipes! it is soo
    hard for me to eat healthy and with these I actually enjoy it! i’m sure I’m
    not the only one out there who thinks the same 🙂 

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