1. Jesse Switzer

    You are a very inspiring person Lee. I made a similar smoothie today using
    OJ as a base for the first time in a smoothie. It was terrific! It totally
    creates a different flavor than just adding a whole orange in with the
    other ingredients. Keep up the great work Lee.

  2. Jesse Switzer

    Hey Lee, what do you think about pulsing your smoothies when you are using
    bananas over straight blending them? After watching a lot of people who eat
    a majority of their calories from raw plant foods use the pulsing method, I
    gave it a try myself. I quickly noticed that pulsing instead of blending
    helps prevent oxidation from the bananas. My banana smoothies don’t brown
    up like they used to, even a half hour after pulsing.

  3. wanderingtheusa

    I love your videos.. You r sexy too… And fruit freedom where do u think
    cows get protein from? Hint it’s green… Green leafy veg has way more
    protein than u would guess

  4. R Privette

    It is good to see that you aren’t totally wacked out on "it has to be
    organic, fresh, picked right off the tree" etc. Some people don’t have the
    option of living in California and can buy fresh organic on every corner.
    When you live inland and don’t have a lot of options you have to do the
    best you can. Frozen, or like the bottled OJ. If I have access to fresh
    everything I’ll do it. But I find frozen or minimally processed will do in
    a pinch. Good job Lee…

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