1. Linda Maloly

    Will have to try this. I love smoothies! I’ll just cut back on the fruit
    so that my glucose doesn’t go insane. Super recipe…thanks, Bruno!

  2. quiubole

    The Kids love this video so they had to try the smoothie they loved it they
    call it BPS Bruno Power smoothie they pronounce it " beeps" thank you 

  3. LesFoodies

    That’s one healthy smoothie indeed! And the kale is coming fresh from your
    garden, couldn’t get any better! With the smoothie and the way you talk
    now, you’re becoming more American than French 😉

  4. Andria Kuei

    Ewww .. I tried making a smoothie once with kale , it totally grossed me
    out ! But it wasn’t made with mango and avocado… Ummm..maybe I should
    give it a try 🙂 

  5. Mr 5

    Bruno, you sir, are a legend.

    I love how creative, funny and professionally made your videos are…keep
    up the amazing work…

    Sub’d for life :-)

  6. FloridaKay

    Beside the obvious, your videos always being so delicious. I love them
    also because you always manage to put a smile on my face. We should all
    start our day with one of these drinks.

  7. Laura Remen

    I’m making this ASAP. This is on my diet. Perfect timing, Bruno. Thanks so
    much? You must be magic! How did you know this would be perfect for me this

  8. Jaisha26

    Thumbs up. Just the way I like my smoothies. I drank so much Kale last
    year, surprised I’m not green. (that was a joke. A very bad joke) haha

  9. Thesajlem

    looks really great, but i m not sure if i will be able to find kale in our
    market, I will try it anyway, mby with someting else and with 1tsp of honey

    * nice tip with the frozen bananas

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