1. Benvennetto

    Now I kind of wish I had purchased this one instead of it’s bigger brother.
    I wish Vitamix could make individual size cups like this one for their
    bigger blenders. It’s really pointless to purchase a second vitamix
    although I do wish to win it in this giveaway!! 😀 Great review video

  2. Mary Woollard

    Loved the video, I already have the Vitamix tumbler, now all I need is a
    Vitamix! I tried hinting so I was hoping to get one for Christmas. 🙁 I
    didnt,,,, YET! I will have one soon. Thanks for the great information on
    the S30!

  3. Rick Long

    Awseome video…Just what is needed to make smoothies for one…..Keep up
    the good work…Love using your recipes and watching the videos………

  4. Kazondra Williams

    I like that the video explained more about the blender and its properties.
    The information on the knob functions and the safety mechanism were really
    helpful, because there have been times when I accidentally picked up my
    blender from the base while it was still on. 

  5. Heather McClees

    I’m in LOVE with Vitamix and everything they can do in the kitchen! I’ve
    been dying for this personal size blender for a year now! I would
    absolutely love to enjoy it for on the go travel as well as small jobs that
    my Nutribullet won’t hold up to. Thank you!!!

  6. Jackie Southerland

    Awesome!! Thank for the opportunity at this amazing giveaway. I have been
    dreaming of this blender for a long time. 

  7. Christine Mayfield

    Love the breakdown of the size of the Vitamix. It is hard to tell when
    just reading the specs. Thanks for the breakdown!

  8. Vicky Carlson

    It has everything I need in a blender. It has a nice sized motor and is
    perfect for what I need it for. I eat alone most of the time so this would
    be amazing for what I cook and my sauces, smoothies, chop up some veggies
    for soups, etc… Thanks for talking about both the pros and the cons. 🙂
    That is rare when marketing.

  9. Laura Vara

    Oooh, I think I have a new item I really want to help me loose some weight
    by helping me make smoothies and healthier meals. Love that it is quieter
    and personal, considering that my husband does not really care for
    smoothies, so I don´t have to blend that much, just enough for myself.

  10. Maria Bardo

    Good morning! I visited your website and couldn’t find the registration for
    the giveaway. I hope I can win this one so I can stop borrowing the one
    from work each time I have guests. I try the puppy face so many each time I
    return it but it has been unsucessful.

    Can you please provide the link? Thank you in advance.

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