1. canadian01978

    There’s a rumor going around that vitamix and waring release black
    particles in whatever you blend. Do you think this is a safety concern?
    People have ran 3 cups of water in the vitamix and then dumped the water in
    a bowl and found black dots in the water. 

  2. Cantetinza17

    This is the one that I’m going to get. I have been slowly saving for
    months. Hopefully I will be purchasing from you soon!

  3. Bluesocks 11

    Although it’s a great blender the jar will most likely have problems in two
    years if you use it everyday. Problems such as a loose bearing and the
    bearing losing it’s seal making it drip a brown liquid. Don’t believe me?
    look it up on google where you can find a lot of people complaining about
    jar issues.

  4. Blender Babes

    Blendtec takes it to the next level with the introduction of their new
    Designer 725 Blender. By far one of the best blenders we have seen and
    used, this revolutionary model is an upgraded version of their previous
    Designer model: with more power, more features, more stability AND quieter
    blending! For those wise enough to buy this one it’ll easily be the most
    technologically advanced piece of food preparation equipment you own.

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