Nutribullet Milling Blade Demo

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Here is a demonstration of the NutriBullet Milling Blade using flaxseeds. This Milling Blade is great for seeds and nuts. Producer – Marti Carter Camera &… Like this? Share! You may also like: Ninja Blender versus VitaMix Blender ReviewNUTRI NINJA PRO VS THE NUTRIBULLET 900 COMPARISON REVIEWVitaMix – The Quiet One® Blender (#36019) […]

February 3, 2016

Vitamix 5200 Blender Review – Vitamix 5200 Demo – Antioxidant-fruits

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Buy the Vitamix 5200 – http:bit.lyOHoSYO use Vitamix Promotion Code “06-007152” to GET FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ($25US$35CN) 1-800-848-2649 You can also grab it on Amazon: … Like this? Share! You may also like: Ninja Blender versus VitaMix Blender ReviewVitamix Professional Series 750 Blender Initial Impression and Healthy Green Smoothie DemoComprehensive Vitamix S30 Review + Demo […]

September 26, 2015

Healthy Green Smoothie!

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Hey, everyone! Today I will be showing you how to make this really healthy green smoothie. Its super easy to make, and really delicious! You can alter the ingredients to your liking, add what… Like this? Share! You may also like: Easy & Healthy Spring Recipes! ♥ #HungryHealthyHappyEasy and Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe | Ellesse […]

August 4, 2015

All new Nutribullet Pro 900…and/or a Vitamix?

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Choosing the Right Blender For Smoothies By Heather Stanford Many people have made smoothies a daily habit and you might be one of them. To get the best taste and the most nutrients from the fruits and vegetable ingredients, it is essential to use the right blender for smoothies. A blender is the one vital […]

July 13, 2015

10 Most Common Green Smoothie Questions

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10 Most Common Green Smoothie Questions By Victoria Boutenko QUESTION: How much green smoothie do you recommend I drink daily? VICTORIA: In the beginning people tend to drink more green smoothies, sometimes up to two gallons per day depending on how acidic their body pH is. After several months the quantity goes down to 1-2 […]

July 12, 2015

Blendtec Blender Review

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Quick review on the Blendtec Blender. Like this? Share! You may also like: Blendtec Total Blender Classic [Product Review]Blendtec Designer vs Signature vs Total Blender Classic vs Stealth Review by Blender BabesComprehensive Blendtec Designer 725 Review by Blender BabesBlendtec ICB3 Commercial Smoothie Blender ReviewNinja vs Blendtec. Blender Battle. Kale Shake. Blendtec vs Ninja. ReviewBlendtec Blender […]

July 2, 2015