1. Ian M. Scarlett

    My observations are as follows:
    a) There is a Blade for that – Magic Bullet has developed an "Ice Shaver
    Blade" just for that application; and
    b) The Cross Blade can shave ice just as well, however U have to use the
    Pulsating Technique, i.e. simply push the cup up and down. You can also
    take up the whole thing (Base Unit and all) and merely, bu gently, shake.
    U’ll get great shaved ice, fluffy and nice. Now just add coffee and soy,
    and U’ll get coffee smoothie. 

  2. Geraldine Burrows

    Hi … I got me a Philips juicer, not impressed in the slightest !! great
    machine, but I should have just went ahead and bought the nutribullet as I
    had planned to do, the nutribullet is gonna blend water fruit veg n nuts
    and keep it all in the drink, not having had a juicer before I didn’t
    realise so much of the pulp is wasted, so its going back to the shop and im
    getting me a nutribullet asap….thanks for putting on soo many videos with
    tons of needed info, esp for the beginners !! now I know what I need to do,

  3. Brad W

    Guessing that’s the 600. Just bought the 900 today. Haven’t tried it but I
    hear it does a much better job of crushing ice. Thanks for the video. 

  4. Mark Burnham

    i blew mine up with frozen banana but i did get 1 smoothie, 100 dollar
    smoothie.not design for anything tough

  5. Stan Sova

    Hey try pulsing it at first. My Magic Bullet can make snow cones, I pulse
    it, then when the big cubes get cut down I run it straight, but you are
    right the Magic Bullet and the Nutribullet will have a little trouble with
    ice because it doesn’t throw the snow up towards the top and with no liquid
    in it to make it gurgle it has a rough time with all stuff.

  6. M Gibbs

    I checked an according to the instructions the Nutribullet will crush ice
    but You need to change to the other blade… 

  7. PositiveLastAction

    Well, no one makes ice smoothies anyway. I also love my Nutribullet –
    bought it yesterday and and having fun with it so far! 

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