1. Fred Wright

    Why is everyone ragging on this guy for using the smoothly setting? If it
    doesn’t do the best job on smoothies then fail again to Breville. You can’t
    beat Vitamix. 

  2. Thomas Heartwell

    I think a fair comparison would be to never use the "smoothie" button on
    the Breville at all since the Vitamix doesn’t have one. Just start and run
    both on puree. Honestly, dollar for dollar? I’d take the Breville any day.

  3. Rob York

    Shaun, good comparison. You gave the Breville a fair shot as you let it go
    until it finally turned out a decent. I own the Breville for several years
    and can attest to the results in this video. You need to really work it to
    get a very consistent smoothie. Even then I could never get the seeds from
    blackberries so they never stuck in my teeth.

    I just bought the Vitamix today. Got the 6300 Professional Series 500 for
    $349 refurb with 5 year warranty. 

  4. Kimbley Griffin

    Is the "airy" taste/texture always going to be the results of using a
    lower-cost blender? I hate the feeling of swallowing air bubbles!

  5. tacjam1

    I almost bought the Breville, for $200 I went with the Ninja Ultima at
    Walmart, it might not be as good as a vitamix, but that sucker is a BEAST!

  6. Ariel Ann FruityRunner

    Thanks for the vid! absolutely the same experience I had with their more
    expensive blender….5200 refurbished for 329$ on vitamix.com!!!!!!
    splurge!!!! you will be happy you did;-)

  7. Shaung1231

    I think the vitamix is a great option personally, they have good deals on
    the older model at costco sometimes. I also like the Oster Versa as a close
    second, its around $230 on Amazon right now. If I recall I paid around $180
    for the Breville at Bed Bath & beyond.

  8. daisy3690

    perhaps watching some professional tests would help make a fair and better
    comparison? I found no validity in this demonstration.

  9. TheBluebell007

    I aim to buy vitamix one day….its too costly but its worth it….I have
    sunbeam n I hate it. ..my children hate smoothie because of its chunky
    result. ..

  10. Shaung1231

    Well, I actually pulsed it at first to give it a fighting chance vs the
    vitamix (since it’s definitely using a much stronger motor). I think I then
    had it on the Brevilles "blender" setting which pulses and rotates the
    blades at what I believe is the 2nd highest speed. I think after when i was
    trying to obtain the vitamix consistency I was running it at the Brevilles
    highest speed. Sorry I didn’t indicate that, I think I may have noted the
    speeds in my other videos.

  11. Shaung1231

    I mean they’re blenders, they are going to be loud. I found the 5200 had
    more of a vacuum like noise and was louder than the Breville. The Breville
    gives me more of a machine like noise. If I was speaking to you while next
    to a running Breville you probably wouldn’t be able to hear me. If we were
    5-10ft away we would be fine. I’ll run a decibel meter on my phone when I
    make my protein smoothie tonight.

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