1. D Knott

    I really want a Blendtec..I have an Oster but am ugrading. I had a
    NutriBullet,then tried a juicer(which I am selling) but am now finally
    deciding between a Blendtec or a Ninja. Hopefully I will be able to find a
    good price on a Blendtec. I am trying to hold off purchase as long as
    possible and not rush into it. Great video!!!! I subscribed also

  2. Ara Eye

    I totally agree with this. I have the Ninja, and while it is good for my
    frozen fruit smoothies, adding veggies never works out well. At work, I use
    a Blendtec and it is amazing and there is such a difference in consistency.
    It’s much more smooth and frothy and easier to digest. I am torn between
    Blendtec and Vitamix. 

  3. JennifersWorldReviews henry


  4. nelson romero

    This is a false video, you used the wrong size for the ninja, that small
    size is for ice cream, dough an stuff like that, an the bigger size is for
    smoothies an drinks. Learn your stuff first

  5. Dana Adedokun

    wow, ur husband is very tall! I didnt expect that from his sitting
    positions which I saw before:)

  6. Jess Goss

    I deeply want a Blendtec or Vitamix blender in the future, but as a college
    student, that’s not an option right now. I did however purchase a Ninja
    blender that was originally priced at $140, but Target had it for $120. I
    make kale/spinach smoothies daily and it blends both extremely well. I do
    have to blend the greens with a liquid before adding fruit, and while I
    imagine being able to toss it all in and let it go would be convenient, I’m
    not really all that troubled about having to add fruit midway through. It
    takes me no more than five minutes in the morning and my smoothies turn out

    I know Ninja blenders are not as powerful, durable, or exact as a Blendtec
    or Vitamix, but for my use at home, it’s perfect and is holding up
    extremely well.

  7. Rosebud R

    That was wasteful. You could have used it as salad dressing instead of
    pouring it down the drain.

  8. PersianSKA

    used the food processor obviously it won’t juice it. I have the 1100 watt
    ninja and i put spinach and all sorts of leafy greens and it works great
    about 15-30 sec for a smoothy texture or about 1 min for more of a liquid
    juice drink.

  9. SteVe PNW Wild Foods

    I recommend the the vitamix 5200 for $75 more than the blendtec. I bought
    the Vitamix pro 750 model.

    I am going to ask Starbucks what they use but I was told that they use
    Vitamix. I would be happy to spend less money on another brand if I could
    get the same quality. Blendtec is my 2nd choice.

    Not having a tamper to force log jammes of fruit n veggies into the blades
    makes a huge difference in how thick you can make your smoothy.

    I can’t believe that blentec and ninja sales people say the tamper is bad,
    but they do. That’s like saying global warming is good.

    Do your research, then buy a vitamix

  10. Tekka579

    People always seem to think that more cost is better. This is why we stay
    in trouble financially. I’ve used the Ninja for years and with the proper
    set up its just as good as the 300 – 600 dollar blenders. Good House
    keeping rated the Ninja a very good A- the Blendtec got an A+. Look it up,
    as many have said your using the wrong parts… Both are very nice, better
    things to spend 300 on than a blender. 

  11. Blinda Windham

    Thank you for the video. We have been looking at both blenders and no
    doubt we will spend the extra for the blendtec!! 

  12. William Cousert

    How durable is the Ninja? Can it blend everything the Bledtec can? Will it
    last as long?j

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