1. WorldOfRandomStuff

    I think it makes sense to get one at Costco. They’re currently offering an
    8 year warranty, plus a much lower price than elsewhere. Worth the Costco
    membership just to get it!

  2. Bob M

    why are you holding your palm on the blendtec and not on the Oster? come
    on.. do an apple to apple comparison.

  3. SweetWife84

    unfair comparison, i mean no need to read the spec on both, look at the
    physical size difference KitchenAid will do near as good as Blendtec at
    1/10 of the price

  4. vminnovations

    Will do 🙂 Fyi, it was one of the first videos and a 1 man show, back then
    our camera didn’t have auto focus.

  5. vminnovations

    Hi, the 3rd button is the high speed setting on this "Black & Decker
    10-Speed Die-Cast Blender" (google for larger image). Technically Blendtec
    was running at 70% and B&D was at 100% speeds. Have been using mine every
    other day for about a year to make shakes and smoothies. It works like a
    champ, my old B&D actually fried after trying to blend larger frozen

  6. tigergreg8

    I like the Blendtec, but why did you turn the B&D to the 3rd button instead
    of high speed. That really wasn’t a fair comparison for B&D

  7. naps1saps

    you can get those refurbished for like $200 on ebay including shipping.
    Good deal considering the home unit costs about $400

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