1. JoelleDunn

    went from blenderbabes d c forward slash blendtec. Not only didn’t it give
    me free shipping, when I called CSR at Blendtec she basically told me I was
    an idiot. So, unfortunately I don’t know that I’ll be buying from them
    unless you guys can make it right. 

  2. Blender Babes

    Great question +Tooba Sheikh! We are working on a vitamix comparison video
    which will have decibels. Stay tuned!

  3. Trish Donley

    THANK YOU so much for this comparison! After deciding to get a Blendtec I
    wasn’t sure which one to choose. Now, after having seen the different
    controls, I know which one I want! 

  4. Audrey DeMerse

    Hello! How well does the designer series make nut butters? I’m debating on
    which blender I want. The Blendtec or Vitamix. Thanks so much!!

  5. Glenn Dsouza

    Does the jug have any safety feature like locking in place and is there a
    lot of
    play (rotating) in the base seated position? So if a child rocked the jug
    while running can it damage the gear cog?

  6. chavitavb

    I wonder which Blender is more quiet Stealth of the Quiet one. I heard the
    quiet one is the quietest in commercial use.

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