1. Joseph Perez

    The bitterness from hazelnut butter comes from its skin. Roasting it and
    removing the skin should help

  2. Markus RiverRhine

    I bet this sensor touch pad is useless when fumbling around in the kitchen
    with wet fingers and lots of liquids, water, juice an whatever else is
    spurting around…

  3. Marija Adamic

    It’s really great to have this one but currently I don’t have money to
    afford it. I’ve tried several times to my sister’s place and it’s a
    pleasure to create new recipes with it. Thanks from Europe, Jason, it’s
    inspiring watching you!

  4. Courtney Rhoades

    I haven’t bought one because they are expensive, I think I could justify if
    it could serve as a food processor and blender in one.

  5. Jovanka Ciares

    This is perfect since I just burned a whole on my Nutribullet bowl, lol!
    This blender looks sleek and elegant!

  6. Starheart2♥

    Competitions are great for the many people here who don’t think they can
    afford it. Don’t know if you can get refurbished or second hand blendtecs
    but vitamix have refurbished ones. I use my high speed blender at least
    once a day, and I save at least 30 mins every morning by having a smoothie
    breakfast with fruit, nuts and greens instead of cooking a breakfast then
    eating it (slow eater)

  7. pangea1010

    besides price i think it is the overall meal plan schedule or variety of
    smoothies that holds me back from buying one .

  8. speckalou

    I have a 40 dollar Hamilton Beach blender.. It’s not too bad but it’s
    certainly not comparable to a Blendtec, my reason for holding back… The
    money:( Hazelnut butter… yum!

  9. Lucille Audinet

    I’m trying to be 100% vegan, but the smoothie part is tough for me… I’ve
    got a very old blender.
    Blentec is such an amazing but expensive brand.
    Super cool video 🙂 really inspiring. 

  10. kkz201

    I own a breville which works quite well. It won’t blend hot soup, but that
    is an extra step I can live with. There are very good high speed blenders
    on the market at more reasonable price points. I think anyone taking the
    step to add more plant-based foods in their diet is moving forward towards
    better health. Jason, thanks for this smoothie recipe. Btw, your skin looks

  11. Miranda Cloud

    Oh man THE FUTURE IS NOW! Haha, I didn’t realize the blendtec was that
    awesome, it actually made my kitchenaid cry in they corner 😛 

  12. servantofJesus

    I love your videos and you! I started my vegan lifestyle earlier this year,
    after years of digestive problems, I feel awesome! I too only have an Oster
    blender, ugh…the price is the only reason I don’t own a
    BlendTec…actually I could never afford something that costly I am on
    disability…what a blessing it would be to win such an amazing product!

  13. MrsVeroniqueTV

    Dollar bills my friend, that’s the hold up. Love your channel though, love
    all the info you provide. Plus your so funny. Would love to get my hands on

  14. anniestubin

    I have one, but I would love to win one for my mom! She is embracing
    veganism and this would really help! Great giveaway! 

  15. Michele Coccaro

    I would love to win this blender! I’m trying to make better choices in my
    food, I’ve been vegan for just about 2 years now and now I"m trying to go
    totally unprocessed and natural. I’m a cancer survivor (over 4 years now),
    so eating healthy is necessary for me! Thank you for the opportunity to
    enter this giveaway!
    xoxo Michele

  16. Persian Vegan

    Omg yes i have an oyster blender and I cant afford anything else, and as a
    raw vegan its hard to work with only a low powered blender. I would be so
    grateful if i was choosen. thank you for the giveaway

  17. Gio Creature

    I hope I can win this product so I can give it to my aunt who is trying to
    lose weight and eating healthy. Your channel is amazing. Keep your amazing
    job and great recipes!!! I don’t have a Facebook account. But well..lol
    ps/ #1 thing? affordability lol

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