1. MsButtercup06

    +Gabriel Martins idk how to address you since you’ve cleverly disabled
    answers for your comment, but all the ingredients listed also contain a
    butt-ton of carbs and most of them don’t even come close to meat and some
    types of dairy. So yeah, there are no natural vegan high-protein foods, if
    it contains 3 times more carbs than protein (even if there is quite a bit
    of protein) I don’t consider it a high protein product. Not badmouthing
    veganism here and I know that there are vegan and raw vegan people who are
    incredibly fit and even have a low bodyfat %, just laying out the facts. 

  2. ThatNutsAuzzie12

    Be careful when eating kale, excessive eating can cause hypothyroidism, the
    same goes for cauliflower. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think they’re from
    the same family.

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