1. Leslie Wells

    I think you are okay to put it in the fridge. The longest I have left mine
    in the fridge is 24 hours. Just remember the enzymes in the green smoothie
    will start to break it down and the longer it is in the fridge un-drank the
    less powerful it is so to speak. Your welcome fellow Vitamixer.

  2. Leslie Wells

    Just from my own experience I know that I do not like carrots in a green
    smoothie/ the peas might have been a wrong way to go as well. You only
    learn by experimenting for what works for you and your taste buds. You
    don’t have to use lemon. I think this is a good thing to do if you are
    concerned with the taste of greens. However, lemon is a natural detoxer.
    Remember that their are no rules, have fun finding out what you like.

  3. Margaret Rauwald

    followed exactly and is really delicious! I typically use spinach, but
    really liked the kale; however the taste is not much different with
    everything else added. Also think I like using almond milk vs. yogurt as a
    base. Do you know how many calories a 16 oz. cup of this would be? Thx!

  4. Leslie Wells

    I am using the 5200 in the video. You really can’t go wrong with any of the
    models. The 5200 series has variable speed knob which I think is a must
    have. The TurboBlend Two Speed just has the high/low switch (still way
    superior to any other regular blender.) The Turbo VS has the variable speed
    knob. The biggest differences you will see is the middle knob functionality
    and the kind of cookbook included. Hope you enjoy your new Vitamix
    whichever one you choose I know you’ll be happy!

  5. Leslie Wells

    I am so excited for you! That’s a great deal too. I am working on getting
    some other videos posted soon. Thanks for watching.

  6. W Dolf

    I just bought a used Vitamix on Craigslist for $200. It’s in great
    condition as the owners wanted to upgrade to the 750. This will be my first

  7. ahig63

    Great video!! I’m about the buy my machine and I can’t wait to get
    started!! And I’m not worried about the price because I know when something
    is cheaper its usually because its CHEAPER!!!

  8. Leslie Wells

    Also if you are tight on cash you can always buy the refurbished model for
    considerably cheaper and then put it on the 3-payment plan. (Approx. $329)
    This breaks it down to about into about 3 $100 payments.

  9. Tiffany Parr

    I hear the vitamix is pretty expensive. What can a budget conscious person
    like myself do with my regular blender??

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