1. HTCFAN HTCforever

    Wow, when you were holding that cup it looked so good that it was raining
    in my mouth! i need to try that! thank you!

  2. Healthytarian

    Hi Pascale, absolutely. That is a great variety, again the outer leaves
    will be best, but you can try to use some of the inner leaves as well, and
    see the range of flavors you get.

  3. Healthytarian

    Great question Pascale. In the grocery store they almost always remove the
    cabbage greens or outer leaves & simply sell head of cabbage. While you can
    experiment with some cabbage leaves of the head, it will change the taste
    of the smoothie from slightly to considerably. The leaves I am using are
    simply the outer leaves of the cabbage that are not part of the head. I
    would say almost any cabbage variety will do but to find them with their
    leaves try a farmer’s market or if u can grow your own 🙂

  4. Pascale Devalet

    Hi thanks for all the tips.. my question is in my grocery store never saw
    this cabbage. They have only the white cabbage that ok?? Thanks to reply

  5. Healthytarian

    Thank you 🙂 I try to make my recipes into mini-lessons on food and
    nutrition, so they do tend to be on the "longer" video side.

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