1. Elizabeth Fontenot

    Curious: what kind of blender do you use? Also, I would love to see that
    dyi mason jar tumbler!
    Can spinach be used as a substitute for kale?

  2. Anita Anderson

    Looking great Meg and what a cute baby 🙂
    Can you please tell me what kind of blender you use?
    I really admire how you manage everything with three young children. Thumbs
    up !!

  3. Lauren G

    Hi Meg, what blender do you use? Do you use this to make baby food too?
    Thanks for another great video. As a first time mommy to be I really
    appreciate and look forward to them! :)

  4. Five4FiveMeals

    I am so going to try this. I couldn’t eat kale for a whole year because it
    irritated my baby’s stomach. But now I can! P.S. You can make your own
    Mason Jar tumbler. They are super easy to do. Get Brooke to do it. 

  5. kimbernw

    Just finished drinking my own version of a green smoothie … and I can’t
    wait to try this one! Thanks, Meg!

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