1. L Scott

    Don’t like Kale but want to get it in? I have an awesome smoothie. Blend
    together a half cantelope (including seeds- that’s where the most nutrition
    is). I have a Vitamix but if you don’t have a high powered blender like the
    Vitamix or Blendtech skip the seeds, as they’ll never blend. Add juice from
    a whole lime, sweetner of your choice (sometimes I use stevia, or sometimes
    dates or even honey), blend this up. It’s yummy just like this- but to
    really kick up the vitamin factor, add 1-4 cups of chopped kale. Enjoy-
    it’s delicious. The secret will be to making just the right combination of
    kale, fruit and sweetner to suit your taste but still maximize your greens.

  2. Sade Perkins

    For my green smoothie I use kale, spinach, celery, blueberries, apples,
    mandarin oranges lemon, blackberries, almond milk, plain greek yogurt and a
    blood orange. Im focused on healthy hair and clear skin. 

  3. VictoriatheMUA

    I’m late, like a year late lol but I blend spinach, kale, almond milk,
    frozen peaches, frozen mangoes, Greek yogurt and flax seeds for my
    breakfast green smoothies. Sometimes I’ll swap the kale for fresh arugula
    and add a piece of ginger root. It’s yummy and it makes me feel so

  4. Chiara A

    This is amazing. I saw a huge difference once I changed my diet. I am a
    vegetarian for years now but completely left out fruits and fresh foods. I
    started to only eat in a rush and eat meals that are easy to prepare. Once
    I watched HUNGRY FOR CHANGE it changed me completely. I was always pro
    fruits and veggies but I just forgot about it, living my life and
    concentrating on education and work. I started to eat a lot of fruits again
    and smoothies just changed my life!

  5. FudgeDeelightTV

    Here’s my blog post for the turmeric facial: What you need: turmeric, drops
    of oil, drops of milk. Method: mix until its a disgusting goop of paste.
    Let it sit for 15-20 min. It’ll be hard. No worries. Rinse it off and
    cleanse as usual. Warning: it may stain your fingers. Nothing a lil soapy
    water can’t fix. i’ll tweet u the link I’m happy that you’re back on the
    wagon. My skin has benefitted so much from the OCM and the best thing about
    it is how minimalistic the whole routine is!

  6. FudgeDeelightTV

    I also use the oil cleansing method and I’m vegetarian. I find that
    turmeric facials also help my skin. I do those once a month.

  7. Brown Vegan

    That’s amazing! I’m so glad you’re having great results. I LOVE your
    smoothie combination-swiss chard and spinach are the best in smoothies
    because you don’t taste them…unlike kale and collards. Thanks for
    watching and commenting. 🙂

  8. LeeLovesGeorge

    I have been doing my green smoothies with banana, kale, spinach, and
    blueberries and raspberries and water and almond milk and have added
    sunflower seeds and it tastes delicious when I remember I ad

  9. sam.i.am

    Love reading the recipes in the comments. I need to find the bags of kale.
    I like to mix my spinach with berries. Great vid as always.

  10. ladygg6

    Thank You!! Now that you have fatten me up, now it time to slim me
    down..good thinking. smh & lol!! You sly girl, this will help me to prepare
    for Thanksgiving?!! LOL

  11. DB215

    Looks delish! I love my green smoothie and my green juices. I’m sad though
    becuase my blender broke 🙁 My staple is collards or spinach, one apple,
    mango, date, almond milk

  12. Fontrella Cole

    The green smoothie I like is 1 banana frozen, 1 cup pineapple frozen or
    fresh, 1 cup spinach and 1/2 cup kale, 1-2 medjool dates and coconut water.
    Skin care – I use BeautiControl (not vegan)

  13. The Living Fruits

    Hi! I really enjoy a banana, rice milk and leafy green smoothie. So, kale
    or spinach for the greens. Simple, but delicious and nutritious. I don’t
    have a skin care regime as such other than a warm wash cloth morning and
    evening and occasional cleanse with black soap and water. But! The oil
    cleanse sounds like something I’d like to try. The pampering element alone
    sounds great!

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