1. starr child

    I was just about to submit my order for the Nutri-bullet that I saw on a
    shopping network channel and I thought to myself…let me check reviews
    first…THANK GOODNESS I found your review!!! You just saved me 189.00…lol
    there is no way I’m paying that much for sub-par performance!! Thank you!!

  2. ShaVan Johnson

    Thank you so much for this presentation it has helped me so much because I
    wasn’t going to spend the money for the Vitamix but now I definitely going
    to spend it. Again thanks 

  3. stsgabe

    This test shows a big diff between the 750 and the 5200, you don’t have a
    comparison of them? Vitamix 5200 vs. Professional Series 750 the 5200 for
    329 is great but long term if it’s not as good the savings aren’t such a

  4. Imperviouslady8

    Great video. I know someone who got the nutribullet as a gift so offered it
    to me at a fraction of the price. It’s still an expensive item so started
    doing research. Glad I found your video so I won’t waste my money. Thank

  5. John Barton

    Great comparison Henry. I just watched HSN Advertise the NutriBullet Rx and
    they kept putting down the Vitamix without mentioning the machine. As you
    stated, they kept using buzz words and how much more power the NutriBullet
    has over a $400/$500 Vitamix. I’m glad you showed how cheaply constructed
    the NutriBullet is in comparison to the Vitamix. Can you also compare the
    Wolfgang Puck machine as well?

  6. Standup Man

    Thanks for the information… very useful. I was thinking of purchasing a
    Nutribullet, but after this… well a Vitamix might be the way to go.

    Once again, thanks for the honest information…. you might be selling
    Vitamix, but the proof is in the pudding…hmmm… wonder if I can make
    pudding in a Vitamix…

  7. blkjax

    Thank you SOOO much for doing this comparison. I actually have a
    Nutrabullet and thought that the consistency shouldn’t be this chunky and
    gritty all the time, but as an uninformed consumer, I didn’t know any
    better. I guess the saying is true, "You get what you pay for". I always
    wondered why someone would spend so much money on a blender when they could
    get a Nutrabullet for half the price, now I know why. Thanks again Henry
    for opening my eyes to the truth. I’m sure my Nutrabullet will make a good
    paperweight when I replace it with a Vitamix.

  8. SuAn

    Wow, this is extreeemely informative and well done! Thank you! I have a
    regular size Vitamix and have considered a Nutribullet for small jobs. Not
    any more!! It’s Vitamix all the way!

  9. GhostsFootball

    Could you do a video on the two speed vitamix blender? I don’t have a ton
    of money to spend and was looking at the $260 refurbished model.

  10. Amanda Guididas

    have you tried wet chopping a large amount of stuff in the vitamix? i do
    that a lot in my 5200 so its ability to do that is a make or break thing
    for me! 

  11. Shawn Bruce

    Thank You Henry! This is the best review I have seen in regards to these
    machines. You are informative, entertaining and funny. You seem like a
    really cool guy. Thanks Much and God Bless. 

  12. Mark Johnston

    Keep laughing henry….my little Christmas joke on a serious note i was
    going to buy the nutribullet 600 as on ideal world infomercial uk Christmas
    deal £89.99 12 peice includes free nutribullet book worth £14.99 P&P £5.99
    i want to have healthy foods in my body as i need to lose 1 and a half
    stone i will also be starting cardio training and weight training will this
    product get me there and can you put cauliflower, carrots,parsnips,swede
    into the nutribullet from raw state or do you have to par boil first?

  13. Catherine Ostrom

    Just curious how you are able to plug in and run both units at the same
    time on what typically is a 15 amp receptacle. The Nutribullet Rx alone
    will need over 14 amps. How do you not trip a breaker? Even if you have a
    20 amp circuit and 20 amp receptacle you will exceed the amperage.
    Otherwise, I love your humor and your videos. 

  14. sanskritmantra

    oh thank god henry I thought you had gone over to the dark side the B
    word ( blebndtec) haha anyway nice to see the latest 2 VITAMIX
    videos YAHHHHH haha you are right many infomercials are long on
    promise and short on delivery but vitamix always delivers everything they
    say.. Namaste r

  15. MrChevypower

    Wow another great video? When will consumers protect themselves against
    scams by making sure they get informed before making a purchase? Or asking
    themselves why you see Vitamixes and Blendtecs in commercial use, but not
    Nutribullets or Ninjas. Are these the same people who get sucked into
    sending money overseas by some emotional story?

  16. JuicingGardener (Sheryl Mann)

    Amazing shakedown and review!! Thanks so much for saving me from buying a
    NutriBulletRx. I’ve had my Vitamix for years and its still going strong.
    I’m looking at this new Vitamix as a fun travel unit. You rock! 🙂 ~Sheryl

  17. metaspherz

    Thanks for the showdown demo Henry! In 2013 I invested in a full size
    Vitamix 7500 with 3 containers (64 oz & 32 oz wet and a 32 oz dry). The
    smaller containers needed a shorter tamper which was extra. I think the
    tampers are a really good idea rather than using a spatula or spoon which
    can be very dangerous too for obvious reasons. The 7500 container was
    really too big for daily use since I live alone. It’s way too easy to make
    more than I care to drink so I’d have to store the left overs in the
    fridge. I needed a container for smaller portions. I was interested in the
    Vitamix S30 at first but decided to buy the 32 oz wet container so that I
    wouldn’t have to invest in another expensive machine. For those that don’t
    need to make very large portions I think that the V-S30 should do the trick
    but if they already have a full size machine then a 32 oz container should
    be a good alternate choice. One thing I do like about the V-S30 is its
    smaller footprint. But I like the 7500’s power too. So the 32 oz
    container offers the best of both worlds to me.

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