1. Harmony Kysar

    I’m expecting my 8 th child and I have been excersing for the last 5 years
    will I gain weight on this diet at first or be more on a Plato ? 

  2. ItsLouHere!

    Your smoothie belly was so funny omg I laughed so hard at the beginning
    absolutely funny.

  3. Stac Lenore

    I love these recipes Freelee! Especially the mint and apple pie. I also add
    in a tsp of fresh ginger to the apple smoothie. Wow! These are so
    satisfying, hydrating, and much better than any crap you would get at a
    fast flesh restaurant. Thank you 🙂 

  4. loraliciousxo

    what kind of dates did you use for your datorade? im actually pretty keen
    to try it! =) thanks for posting!

  5. Sarah Grimm

    Wow! I just did squats for 4 minutes! Let me just say that all of this
    really works! Except it’s hard to cut out the fats…. Either than that
    it’s pretty easy!

  6. MadameBerry

    Gah, I love dates, I wish they weren’t so expensive!
    My local organic store is having a "Date Panic Sale" and they’ve got this
    sign by the dates with a drawing of a really distressed looking lady on it,
    it’s sort of cute.

  7. julio60x

    How many fluid ounces/liters is that bottle that you put the smoothies in?
    I am looking for a similar one to use on the go. Thanks in advance.

  8. Chance Kristo

    While I’m not even remotely vegan, I do eat healthy. I subbed! You’re
    gorgeous, and know what you’re talking about. And I love smoothies! 

  9. BunsOutBieber

    I have to say, at first I didn’t like you, but now you are literally my
    idol! Thanks for making your videos! They are amazing. 

  10. Phoenix Starseed

    try adding tahini to the banana ones, you get what we call a banini, its
    awesome, raw tahini of course bannanas and water and ice, like you make
    them I eat them allll dayy

  11. Ornella Ottati

    Hey freelee or anyone who can answer this for me please; is air popped
    popcorn good for you? I don’t add any salt btw. 

  12. Freelee the Banana Girl

    A few smoothie tips:
    * A high speed blender like an optimum froothie blender is best (link in
    * Must blend on high for quite a while if u are using dates, bananas half
    as long as they will go bitter.
    * Best to soak dates before blending but not vital
    * Don’t go overboard with drops or it will taste bitter
    Please add more of your blending/smoothie tips to this comment below

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