1. Green Regimen

    Hey SimplyHealthy. Thank you for watching. Yes. There is a company called,
    Samazon that sells the frozen acai. So you can make this recipe without a
    problem. It’s FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Green Regimen

    Haa…well you could make this Smoothie anywhere…and it will taste good.
    But there is just something about making it out in Brasil that makes it
    taste FANTASTIC. So yes…get out here and try it. You’ll LOVE it. Thanks
    for watching.

  3. Green Regimen

    Oh Wow. You will definitely enjoy this country. You’ll love Acai as well.
    It’s almost addicting…ok…it IS addicting. Thanks for watching.

  4. Green Regimen

    Awesome is an Understatement. This place is ridiculous. I’ve been here for
    a few weeks now but it’s time to go. So I had to make this final video.
    Carnival is a great time but I think ANY time you can get out here would be
    a Blast.

  5. Elaine King

    Thanks for the shots of Brazil in these videos. I didn’t notice everyone
    else walking around with their shirts off like you. đŸ™‚ Smoothie looks
    delicious! Wonder if I can find frozen acai here…I’ll have to check Whole

  6. OptimumHealthCafe

    This is awesome, Getting me all excited for my brazil trip next yeah. Ill
    make sure I eat an Acai berry when I get there, LOL. That smoothie looks so
    freaking delicious, I want some. Great vid.

  7. Get In Shape With Lee

    WOW Carneval looks like a awesome time! Great smoothie! Awesome idea to put
    the granola and bananas on top and eat it that way! So, how long have you
    been in Brazil now? I bet you’re having an awesome time!

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