1. Bluesocks 11

    I tried blending a whole orange with my blendtec and it wouldn’t work
    unless I peeled it. The Vitamix works, but yes the tamper is necessary.
    Stop calling it plunger it’s not a toilet. 

  2. HighCarb Schwabe

    You are supposed to precut the orange into a few pieces, at least quarters.
    Otherwise it is a matter of chance if the blender gets hold of the orange
    or not. Plus I would put the orange in first and the ice last.

    For a tougher test, how about a green smoothie with oranges and lots of
    kale (including stalks and everything) in it? Blend for 10 seconds on the
    highest setting and look at the result.

    Compared to the Vitamix, I personally prefer the Harrexco blender (which
    was not tested here). It is quite new and almost nobody seems to know about
    it. The Harrexco has a little bit more power (1500W) than the Vitamix and
    seems to be more robust.

  3. quageian

    My question is who blends whole fruit? Put in some pieces with some leafy
    greens which are always tough and then you have a real life scenario that
    would be a good test. This just makes no sense whatsoever.

  4. BobRooney

    thats the stupidest video i have ever seen. every single video on this site
    has round fruits being cut in half for better processing. come on, nobody
    can be this retarded! this is just common sense.

  5. MrRichBenn

    Worst comparison on the internet! Wearing a lab coat does not credibility
    make. Do some research before doing a comparison. This one is worthless and
    misleading. Also, learn how to pronounce the products.

  6. Matthew Griffin

    which model is the Kitchen Aid? I am torn between the Breville and the
    K.Aid. My experience with the Breville 800JEXL has been GREAT.

  7. Zach Lee

    If I am not wrong, the fruit should go in before the ice, and not the other
    way round. That may be why blendtec and vitamix did not blend that well.

  8. David Finney

    Very interesting, but why would anyone every want to blend a whole apple or
    orange. Why not cut it up first and see the results then? Test if for how
    you would use it. There is now way the kitchenaid blends smooth enough to
    make creamy texture smoothie. 

  9. silkdestroyer

    Lots of people defending the big, expensive names here. "Who would blend a
    whole orange complete with skin"? Probably no one, but funny how the 2
    cheapest models managed to do so while the big names needed either help
    from the plunger,(sorry, TAMPER,) or the food cutting up into nice little
    manageable chunks that they could deal with.

  10. jorge hernandez

    I have a similar Hamilton Beach and I’m happy with it. I usually chop large
    fruits to make a smoothie. I’m more concern about the longevity of the

  11. Cassie Priest

    i don’t think that this was a fair comparison, she should have drained them
    to show which one truly liquefied. just by looking at is doesn’t show what
    it really does plus she didn’t show an up close pic so we could see it.

  12. David Davis

    I bought the Vitamix from a great live demo at Costco. Used it for about 3
    weeks & sold it a year later thank god it was easy since a lot folks seem
    to love it. It made way too much noise & it did not perform anywhere like
    the demo. I bet the ones they use in their demo’s are rigged with a more
    powerful motor.

    I didn’t fill mine up nearly as much as the demo and I had problems with it
    not blending it would get stuck. I had to constantly used that stick to
    move things around. In the demo the guy would fill it almost to the brim
    and it blended so easily without having to do anything. It’s just a very
    pricey blender not much better than a Cuisinart or Kitchen Aid.

  13. MisterBenne

    u just too ***** to handle it correctly!! U pressed the wrong button. I
    also have a blendtec and it blends an apple very well.
    Sp, learn ur job before going TV!!!!

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