How to Choose Greens for a Green Smoothie

Recipes, Uncategorized / Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

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How to Choose Greens for a Green Smoothie

Sergei Boutenko discusses some common greens found in a super market that CAN and SHOULD be used in green smoothies!

Here are the greens discussed in this video (in order):

1.) Lettuce
a. green leaf
b. red leaf
c. romaine
d. butter head

2.) Swiss Chard
3.) Dino Kale
4.) Bok Choy
5.) Celery
6.) Carrot Greens
7.) Cilantro

8.) Parsley (common & Italian)
9.) Beat Greens
10.) Green Onions
11.) Arugula
12.) Baby Greens
13.) Spinach
14.) Wheat Grass

15.) Herbs
a. basil
b. mint
c. dill
d. chives
e. sage
f. rosemary
g. thyme

16.) Watercress
17.) Baby Bok Choy

Hope this video gives you some new ideas!

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