Kale & Pear Smoothie For All-Day Energy

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Peggy Ks Kitchen Cures http:www.veria.comtvshowpeggy-ks-kitchen-cures To get this tasty recipe: http:www.veria.comrecipewake-and-shake Start your d…

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Kale & Pear Smoothie For All-Day Energy

Peggy K’s Kitchen Cures
To get this tasty recipe: http://www.veria.com/recipe/wake-and-shake
Start your day right with an electrolyte-packed green smoothie of blended kale, bananas, pear and energizing coconut water.

11/2cups coconut water
3 stalks kale, large stems removed
Leaves from 2 small sprigs fresh mint
1/2 frozen banana
1/2 frozen pear

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