The Ninja Ultima Blender Review and Green Smoothie Recipe

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Best-Blender-For-Green-SmoothiesDeciding on a Blender For Smoothies

By Jon Ferraro

Smoothies are fast becoming a wonderful and delicious way for people to get their daily fruit or vegetable intake. Not only should you choose the freshest fruits and vegetables for your smoothies, but you should also look for a high quality blender.

To ensure good quality smoothies, make sure the blender you use is optimal. A good blender should be able to puree, liquefy and mix a variety of food types with ease. When choosing a blender to use for making smoothies, you should consider how often you intend to use it. In addition, you may want the blender to use for other food types such as grinding and chopping nuts or ice.

You should look for quality and not necessarily the highest price when looking for a good blender. Since blenders vibrate at very high speeds it’s important that it be very sturdy. You also want it to have a securely sealed lid as you don’t want mishaps when using the blender.

Learn how to use your Ninja Ultima Blender to make a delicious green smoothie from whole fruits and vegetables. Blend cucumbers, grapes, oranges, ginger…

A heavy weighted base and a securely sealed lid will go a long way in making your blender worthwhile. Make sure the power of the blender is sufficient for your needs. The blender should have power in watts of at least 350 to 500 if you are using it for commercial purposes. If the power is to low the blender will need to run at higher rpms (Revolutions per minute).

This could actually slow down the blender if you use large chunks of food. Also choose the container capacity that best suits your needs. The central container of a blender can be either glass or plastic. Obviously, plastic is more durable should the container be dropped, but it is also easier to scratch.

Plastic also has a tendency to absorb stains and can be harder to clean.

Choosing the right blender for your smoothies will result in a high quality and refreshing drink time after time.

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The Ninja Ultima Blender: Green Smoothie Recipe

Learn how to use your Ninja Ultima Blender to make a delicious green smoothie from whole fruits and vegetables.

Blend cucumbers, grapes, oranges, ginger, spinach, kale & parsley together with some ice for a healthy and delicious smoothie. Perfect for breakfast or lunch on the go! Find more great recipes at

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