Oster 16 Speed Blender Review and Soon to be Famous Magic Elixir

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Best-Blender-For-Green-SmoothiesChoosing a Blender

By Jon Ferraro

One cannot imagine a kitchen without a blender. It is one of the most important appliances that make cooking a faster and easier task to accomplish. It is very useful in grinding and mixing all types of foods.

With a wide variety of blenders available in the market today, it is a horrendous task to select the right grinder to suffice your needs. Instead of getting confused over the large choice, it is advisable to just concentrate on your cooking style and your personal requirements and what features you expect the blender to have. Also keep in mind that the cost of the blender is within your spending capacity.

The features of the blender are also important. The motor has to be powerful enough to cater to your needs. If you plan to use it more often then a high performance blender that would be long lasting can be bought. The style, color and size also matter, because you will need to match it with your kitchen. The smaller the size, the clutter free your kitchen will look.

Oster 16 Speed Blender Review and Soon to be Famous Magic Elixir. The Oster 16 Speed Blender has great power but seems to have a wobbly seat for the glass jar…

The volumes of the jars of the blender also vary. Smaller jars are recommended for household use since lesser quantity of food needs to be processed at home. These not only save on cost but also save storage space. The most common problem with blenders is the poor quality of jars that tend to break easily. So make sure you choose jars that are long lasting and are dishwasher friendly too.

The jar handle should be well designed so as to enable you to pour out the food without any problem. The speed of the motor, the sharpness and quality of the blades are other vital things to consider. Recently many cordless blenders have come into the market and they work on batteries.

Though they look good but are not very powerful as compared to the electricity operated ones. So think judiciously and make the perfect choice while purchasing a blender for your kitchen.

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Oster 16 Speed Blender Review and Soon to be Famous Magic Elixir

Oster 16 Speed Blender Review and Soon to be Famous Magic Elixir

The Oster 16 Speed Blender has great power but seems to have a wobbly seat for the glass jar. Well, this is easily fixed by firmly pressing the jar into the seat. I made this video the very first time I used the blender and didn’t realize I wasn’t seating the blender properly. Overall this is a good blender for the money. However, I do recommend that you do watch some reviews on other blenders. I hope this review helps you make up your mind. If you would like to buy this blender from Amazon, please consider purchasing through my affiliate link below. You can also check out other blenders through this link and read reviews about the blenders. Hope this helps, thanks for watching. Please like and subscribe if this video has helped you.


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