Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe for Great Skin & Weight Loss.

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How to Lose Weight and Burn Fat Drinking Green Smoothies!

By Steve Shulenski and Susha Shulenski

The weight loss industry would like to sell you special herbs and vitamins that they claim can burn fat and help you to lose weight without dieting or exercise. They prefer that you continue to buy their expensive weight loss meal replacements than for you to make your own Green Smoothies.

When it comes to an easy and rapid way to lose weight and burn fat without hunger, drinking Green Smoothies is one of the best ways to achieve your weight loss goals. Green Smoothies are so easy to make! Green Smoothies also taste great and not only will they help you lose weight and burn fat but drinking Green Smoothies can help protect you from many diseases.

It seems that every other month there is a new weight loss diet plan, program or book on the market that promises you can easily lose all of the weight you want if you will just buy and use their special fat burning herbs, vitamin supplements, meal replacement powders or diet book.

More often than not, most of those who do try the latest, greatest fad diet programs instead of drinking Green Smoothies will initially lose a few pounds and maybe even knock off a few inches of fat from their waistline due to the reduced caloric intake most of these programs require you to follow.

That’s because in the short term all diets and weight loss reduction plans that require you to reduce the volume of food you are accustomed to eating will work to a certain degree and cause your body to drop a kilo or two. But then your body instinctively goes into protection mode because it perceives itself as starving and it slows your metabolism down to prevent further weight loss. Then when you finally grow tired of always being hungry because you have not been eating enough to feel full and stay hunger free you soon discover that the slightest increase in calories results in rapid weight gain.

Drinking Green Smoothies is a very delicious and highly nutritious and easy way to burn fat, lose weight and fool your body into speeding up your metabolism while decreasing your daily intake of calories all without ever having to feel hungry.

Drinking green smoothie is the best thing you can do to lose weight and to get glowing skin. And drinking green smoothies can be a good way to get in lots of…

A Green Smoothie Diet is a great tasting way to lose weight and burn fat!

Talk about an easy weight loss program. This simple, fast and easy solution to weight loss will not only help burn fat and melt the pounds away reducing your BMI (Body Mass Index) but at the same time it will fill you up and deliver a flood of nutrients and antioxidants to your cells without having to purchase any expensive artificial supplements.

All you have to do is start your day off by making and drinking “Green Smoothies” that can fill you up while tricking your body into thinking its consuming more because of all the high quality natural nutrition and antioxidants its been craving for but can’t get from a standard American (SAD) diet.

Don’t confuse making Green Smoothies with juicing, You’ll make these delicious energy boosters in your kitchen blender and once you try them and discover how super great you’ll feel after drinking them you will want to make them a part of your weight loss routine.

If you want to lose weight try drinking Green Smoothies. You’ll never again have to feel hungry and deprive your body of the real food and nutrition it needs. Try the “Green Smoothie Diet” for easy weight loss. Its free and tastes great too!

Imagine, now you can lose weight and burn fat without buying any weight loss pills or supplements because you can lose weight by making your own Green Smoothies whenever you want. But instead of drinking Green Smoothies to just burn fat and lose weight, why not drink them because doing so will make you feel great and live longer!

This article was written by raw food advocates Steve and Susha Shulenski of Queensland Australia. It can be reprinted only in its entirety with all links intact and without any changes whatsoever. Steve and Susha invite those interested in living a more healthy lifestyle to visit their website to download free weight loss hypnosis audios, free health and nutrition ebooks and free raw food recipes.

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Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe for Great Skin & Weight Loss.

Drinking green smoothie is the best thing you can do to lose weight and to get glowing skin. And drinking green smoothies can be a good way to get in lots of daily fruit and veggie servings. It brings unlimited benefits that include glowing skin, weight loss and a strengthened immune system. It also works to detox your body !!! Enjoy your green smoothie and Stay Healthy 🙂 P.S: You don’t have to use the same ingredients. Go ahead and try your fav green veggies and fruits !!!

1 Banana (sliced)
1 bowl of chopped Kale
An Apple (cut into bite-size chunks)
1/2 bowl – Grapes
4-5 pcs of Sliced Cucumber
1 stalk – Celery (Chopped)
2 -3 tsp – Lemon Jucie
1 Glass – Cold Water

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Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe for Great Skin & Weight Loss

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